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A11y Meet-up

What? A bunch of people coming together to talk about accessibility!
When? 8th of October, 14:00.
Till? Jake starts showing photos of his food.
Where? ImpactHUB Amsterdam (location on Google Maps)
Costs? We will cover the venue, some snacks, and your first two drinks.

Sounds good right? If you want to come, tell us on Twitter or send Michiel an e-mail. We also have a few people give a so called lightning talk—these are short talks that last anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. If all goes as planned, these lightning talks will start around 14:30.


About 30 people will attend.

Name Twitter Company Lightning talk?
Adrian Roselli @aardrian The Paciello Group Selfish accessibility
Anthony Moendir @Anthony_Moendir KLM/Air France
Ashley Bischoff @FriendlyAshley The Paciello Group
Bram Duvigneau @bramduvigneau Firm Ground
Chaals McCathie Nevile @chaals Yandex Accessibility of security and privacy
Christopher Martin @_heytopher Hey Topher
Christoph Reinartz @pistenprinz Trivago Maybe
Eva Westerhoff @evawesterhoff Westerhoff Communicatie
Hans Grimm @grimmweb
Hidde de Vries @hdv
Ian Devlin @iandevlin Trivago
Jaap van de Putte @theinternetacad
Jake Abma @JakeAbma ING
Job van Achterberg @detonite 3ode YAPC::A11Y: A Conference Review
Johan Huijkman @huijkman Q42
Jules Ernst @JulezRulez 200ok
Kevin White @KevinWhite Simply Accessible
Léonie Watson @LeonieWatson The Paciello Group
Mallory van Achterberg @StommePoes Pearson
Michiel Bijl @MichielBijl The Paciello Group A closer look at magnifier
Peter Heery @peterheery Lefthandev
Peter Krautzberger @pkrautz Nuking math accessibility
Rian Rietveld @RianRietveld RRWD WordPress, state of the a11y
Robbert Broersma @RobbertAtWork
Rodney Rehm @rodneyrehm Deutsche Telekom
Stefan Sollinger @ssolling
Wilco Fiers @wilcofiers Deque
Vasilis van Gemert @vasilis University of Applied Science, Amsterdam

Thinking about attending

Name Twitter Company Lightning talk?
Christer Janzon Funka
Heydon Pickering @heydonworks Maybe
Karl Groves @KarlGroves The Paciello Group
Peter van Grieken @petervangrieken Frozen Rockets

Wanted to come, but can't

Name Twitter Company
Andrea Verlicchi @verlok Yoox Group
Billy Gregory @theBillyGregory The Paciello Group
Mathilde Pascal @MathPascal University of Oxford
Vincent van Itallie @vitallie
Iacobien Riezebosch @Iacobien Firm Ground
Peter Rabbitson +1 @ribasushi

Have invited

Just so we don't invite them a second time…

Code of Conduct

As Léonie says: Play nice with the other children! If you need more information on how to behave, please have a look at these basic rules.

Don't hesitate to contact our support dinosaur if something does happen! You can call them at +31 6 305 161 92, tweet them at @SupportDinosaur, or send them an e-mail.

Who is running this shtick?

Job, Eva, and Michiel somehow convinced people to come to a bar to drink free beer and talk about accessibility—how strange.

Who paid for all of this?

We blackmailed some people into paying for your drink: